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The Hello Poster Show

The Hello Poster Show was created by myself and fellow designer, Alanna MacGowan, as an outlet for designers to flex their creative muscles for a good cause. The show is a Seattle-based fundraising exhibition featuring silkscreened posters created by designers from across the globe. Each show is curated around a particular theme and features a limited run prints. Since our debut show in November of 2009, we have curated and organized seven shows, featured over a hundred different poster designs, and have raised over $10,000 for local organizations. As a designer, I have enjoyed the challenge of building a systematic project that engages the design community, local organizations, and the ephemeral art of silkscreen posters.

In 2011, The Hello Poster Show was the cover story in IdN Magazine‘s mono-graphics issue. Also in 2011, The Hello Poster Show was a grant recipient of Sappi’s Ideas That Matter. In 2012, Alanna and I penned the forward to Black & White: New Monochrome Graphics by Victionary Press. The book also featured eight posters from the Lost and Found show.

For more information and/or to buy a print for yourself, visit

#43 by Tom Futrell / #51 by Alanna MacGowan and Benjamin K. Shown / #37 by Jodie Laczko

Goodbye edition of The Hello Poster Show at Parnassus Café, Spring 2010.

#96 by Jonny Sikov / #94 by Katrina Mendoza / #101 by Benjamin K. Shown

Lost and Found edition of The Hello Poster Show at Elliott Bay Bookstore, Spring 2011.

#103 by Cassie Klingler / #108 by Thomas Eykemans / #102 by Mia Pizzuto

Forces of Nature edition of The Hello Poster Show at Cupcake Royale, Spring 2012.

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