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Kambridge Mass Typeface

Kambridge Mass, the typeface, was born out of an alternate universe of a living John F. Kennedy. During the JFK administration, Kennedy had decided that the Kendall Square area of Cambridge, Massachusetts would be a great place for NASA headquarters. Many local businesses and residents were relocated, paving the way for NASA’s ground headquarters for space flight. In this alternate universe of a living JFK, Kambridge Mass would be an adept typeface choice for NASA Cambridge headquarters and the surrounding technology community. In our actual universe, however, JFK was assassinated and Lyndon Johnson relocated the complex to his hometown in Houston, Texas. This created a void of any developed property in Kendall Square that was swiftly filled by numerous biotechnology and information technology firms. Over fifty years after JFK’s death, Kendall Square is truly a technological hub, just not quite the way Kennedy envisioned. If not for Kennedy’s death, the phrase “Cambridge, we have a problem” would have been in our lexicon.

The asterisk from Kambridge Mass is a featured glyph in 2013 Hurricane Sandy relief project, Font Aid VI: Aster Affects.
The ampersand from Kambridge Mass is a featured glyph in 2010 Haiti earthquake relief project, Font Aid IV: Coming Together.

Kambridge Mass was created as a part of my graduate studies at the University of Washington in 2009 under the direction of Professor Karen Cheng.
Free download of Kambridge Mass (.otf)

Kambridge Mass process sketches:

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