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Microsoft Envisioning

Microsoft Envisioning is a unique group both within the Microsoft ecosystem and in the field of interaction design. Part think tank and part technology lab, the group’s aim is to make beautiful things that represent new ideas. I worked as part of a small team of designers, developers, ethnographers, and strategists to create prototypes centered around the future of productivity. My role included specific attention to designing visual and typographic systems as well as evolving the Microsoft metro design language.

Envisioning Center

Microsoft’s Envisioning Center, located in Redmond, Washington, is an ambitious project to create a space for experimentation and ideas. The center opened in 2013 with nine different scenario prototypes aimed at exploring new ways of collaboration and productivity. I designed and developed the interaction and visual design of these prototypes.

TEAM ACTION SPACE An immersive project timeline to tackle complex projects and simulate outcomes.

CREATIVE WORKSPACES Unfold your workspace at an interactive touchdown desk and wall.

THE FAMILY HUB Connect the whole family with a timeline of events and memories.

The Future of Reading

One of the roles of Envisioning is to inspire and influence product teams within Microsoft. I was part of a small team of Envisioning designers that in 2011 researched the future of reading. The result of this internal brainstorm was a video that explored a more dynamic and connected way of reading, writing, and sharing.

Other Projects