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Every month the homepage of features typographic hero images to showcase their catalog’s superb faces. Along with some of the best known and emerging designers, I’ve created a few of these typographic images. Beyond Cardamon, Transat, and ITC New Veljovic below, take a look at the full archive.

Cardamon, a refined and unobtrusive serif by Brigitte Schuster:

Transat, a geometric sans serif inspired by Art Deco signage by Gregory Shutters of Typetanic Fonts:

ITC New Veljovic , a chic and calligraphically inspired serif by Jovica Veljovic:


Timbre Beard Tonic

Timbre Beard Tonic is a well-crafted product from the creative minds of Kristofer Martin, an interaction designer with a mission to tame his beastly beard, and Cat Wilcox, a savvy Seattle boutique shop owner. Kris and Cat’s original tonic formula comes in two scents: Tall Cotton, for the summer months of the year, and Winter Wool, for the colder half of the calendar. Timbre Beard Tonic contains almond oil, vitamin E, and other essential oils. In addition to smelling superb, the tonic also helps moisturize surface skin and condition follicles. The Timbre label design and logotype aims to embrace the crux of the modern bearded man: bold, uncomplicated, efficient, and well-groomed. Letterpress label printing by Mandate Press.

Significant Objects

Can a great story transform a worthless trinket into a significant object? That was the question Significant Objects set out to answer. The book began as a literary and anthropological experiment by Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker in 2009. For the 2012 release of the Significant Objects book, I created an icon set to denote categories of 100 different objects. Find out more about the project and the significant amount of money that has been raised for youth writing programs at Book design by Jacob Covey / Fantagraphics.

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