I am a design director, designer, and type aficionado at Blink UX, a research + design firm with a focus on next generation digital experiences. With a decade of professional experience, I’ve led strategic branding, data visualization, and interaction design initiatives both large and small. I am passionate about crafting savvy stories in digital, print, and built environments, and I have a love for top-shelf typefaces, peculiar maps, and the power of design to create social change.

I previously worked as a futurist and designer at Microsoft’s Envisioning Lab creating experimental software and technology prototypes across scenarios set in the home and office.

I received my MFA in Visual Communication Design from the University of Washington in 2010. My graduate studies focused on leveraging the authority of data visualizations, specifically maps, to benefit social good causes.

When I’m not tending to various design projects, I enjoy chess, globetrotting, and photography. Other beloved favorites include american football, autumn, black coffee, train travel, and my wife + family.